Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Punarnava | Boerhaavia diffusa | Common hog-weed

Scientific name: Boerhaavia diffusa

Common name: Common hog-weed, Punarnava(Punarnava).

Family: Nyctaginaceae

nature of Boerhaavia diffusa: a herb sperading on ground and partly erect. nodes swoeen, with ovate leaves on both sides. flowers very small and pink coloured, growing in clusters.

characteristics of Boerhaavia diffusa

Entire plant has pink colourations on stem.

Medicinal uses of Boerhaavia diffusa

Leaves and roots have medicinal properties.
the drug contains alkaloid "punarnavin"
.it is diuretic and used in the treatment of drohapsy and jaundice.
An ayurvedic preparation "punarnavasava" obtained from this plan.

status of Boerhaavia diffusa: fairly common.

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