Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flame of the forest | Butea monosperma | Palash


classification of Butea monosperma

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Fabales


Genus: Butea

Species: B. monosperma

Common name:
Palas (Palash), Flame of the forest.

Nature of Palash

It is a medium sized deciduous tree with big, smooth and trifoliate leaves.
Flowers are bright orange-red in colour and are in clusters. fruit is a thin and compressed pod.

characteristics of

Its beautiful orange coloured flowers brings colour to forest and hence the name flame of the forest.

Medicianl uses of
Palash: Flowers of this plant are diuretic. gum of the tree is known as "bengal kino" and contains tannin, used in the treatment of diarrhea. seeds are used anthelmintic, in the treatment of worms.
Gum "bengal" and flowers yield yellow dye.
provides excellent habitat for lac insect.
leaves used for making platesand bowls.

Status of
Palash: Very common.

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