Monday, June 15, 2009

khaj-kuili | Macuna prurita Hook

scientific name : Macuna prurita Hook.

Common name: Common Cowitch, kavcha.

Family: Fabaceae


It is a herbaceous perennial twiner on hedges and others bushes. leaves are trifoliate . which is not so big than the lateral onse. .


The plant is very common in moist-deciduous forest on bushes.

medicinal uses of Macuna prurita Hook.

In ayurvedic preparation the seds of this plants are very useful hence in the ayurvedic preparation of "kavchapak "seeds of the plants play very importanr role.

Dried bristles from the pods are mixed with jaggery and given orally to expel is also useful in th making of "ayurvedic medicine-tonic".

Position of Macuna prurita Hook

the plants is very usual in the wild , which is collected from the wild.

special charecteristic

it has a special charecteristic that its pod with stinging hairs by this we can easily find this plant.

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