Monday, June 15, 2009

pev-kushta | costus speciosus


classifiction of costus speciosus

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Zingiberales

Family: Costaceae

Genus: Costus

Species: C. speciosus


it is a small annual herb which found in shady places. stem and leaves are juicy. leaves are arranged spirally on the stem. flowers are mostly white in colour, with red bracts

Medicinal uses of costus speciosus

Mostly Rhizome of this plant is useful in the medicinal purpose which contains diosgerin, for use of aantifertility, anti inflammatory andantispasmodic.for obtaining diosgenin. rhizome is edible after cooking.

position of costus speciosus

During monsoon it is found all over india and plant is succulent in nature .

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