Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yok Sros Phlom or Phnom Dos Kramom Resort of Mondulkiri province


The Yok Sros Phlom or Phnom Dos Kramom Resort is located in Dos Kramom Village, Sokhdom Commune, Sèn Monorom District; 3 km away from the provincial town. It can be accessed by path or motorbide.
There are more than 2,092 families living in the Phnom Dos Kramom area of over 100 ha, whose main occupations are farming.
This resort is managed by the Department of Culture and Fine Arts. Its main point of interest is the mountain covered by grass from its foot to its top, which big trees hardly grow on except near valleys and streams. The mountaintop overlooks the beautiful landscape of the provincial town of Mondulkiri and majestic natural mountainous forest, then could be go other place by motorbide trekking with guide who speak english well.please contact by phone or email:
Price : 25$ per day a person and organize evering thing is offer: for lunch time.
Phone : +855(0)11351841
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