Monday, November 29, 2010

Bunong Village

Welcome to Vanny's giude in Mondulkiri province, rich in diverse natural resources, is one of the main eco-tourism destinations in Cambodia. It is also a harmonious place for the Cambodian people and ethnic minorities. Its fertile land as well as hot and warm climate favors agriculture which provides a high yield for all the farmers not only to have adequate alimentation but also to export it to other provinces. Furthermore, the potential province facilitates residents’ and tourists’ travel and transport due to good communications and electricity. Educational and health fields have been enhanced and extended to promote their literacy and to improve their health. The rich natural and cultural potential and indigenous peoples’ cultural traditions are a magnet for tourists and investors which contribute mainly to the provincial economic development, such as the provision of more job prospects and income generation. The inbound international and internal tourists visiting this province increase in number annually due to the provincial great security and safety and the developmental effort of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the provincial authority in all fields, such as roads and bridges, to allow better travel and transport.
The eco-tourism destination can attract eager tourists to visit traditional houses, wineries, Bousra waterfall and other waterfalls, to view tribal art and folk dances, and to stay at ethnic groups’ houses. All these are an unforgettable experience.especially have the trekking and staying with Bunong people.
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